Repairing and restauring your musical instrument

De Bie Daniel - Balen - RestaurationDaniël De Bie from Balen is your skilled professional if you wish to:

  • repair your mechanical musical instrument if it doesn’t function properly;
  • restaure your mechanical musical instrument;
  • restaure your mechanical musical instrument in order to be able to sell it afterwards.

Helping you to find unique parts and instruments

Being specialised in upright music boxes, German orchestrions and Belgian dance organs, Daniël De Bie restaures your musical instrument and helps you find an instrument of even specific (spare) parts of it. He is always in search of instruments and parts that are hard to find. In addition, he buys and sells mechanical and pneumatic musical instruments and makes sure every instrument gets the second life it deserves.


Do you have any questions?
Do not hesitate to contact Mr. De Bie, he will be more than happy to be your guide in the magical world of mechanical musical instruments.

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