Daniël De Bie buys or sells your mechanical musical instrument

De Bie Daniel - Balen - Buy & SellAre you enthousiastic about musical instruments? Restauring, buying and selling mechanical musical instruments is a lifelong passion of Daniël De Bie from Balen.

Buying and selling mechanical musical instruments

If you want to buy a beautifully restaured mechanical musical instrument, Mr. De Bie is your reliable, skilled and experienced partner. By buying one of his instruments you can be sure that you buy a mechanical musical instrument that is not only taken care of with love and dedication, but is also in a perfect condition. If you wish to sell a second-hand mechanical musical instrument, he will give you value for money and make sure the instrument gets the second life it deserves.


Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. De Bie for any kind of question about your musical instrument!

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